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Originally Posted by Evil Tim View Post
I suppose it's possible that the CPU is in the head since the puny humans will aim for the CoM to hit the powerpack, so Skynet might be able to recover the undamaged head of a destroyed "veteran" Terminator and stick it on a new body. Plus a Terminator's skull could be a pretty solid chunk of metal since it doesn't need to contain much else, might even be more effective armour on the skull than the chest since the chest needs to devote a lot of space to the powerpack and arm and waist actuators. You see when John takes out T-101's CPU in T2 that it's buried right down in there and the skull is otherwise more or less solid.
There would be no point recovering the head of a "veteran" terminator for the CPU, as it is covered in T2 that when the Terminators are in the field they have their learning switched to "off" (John turns it on). There would be no difference between a Terminator that had combat experience and one that didn't as they do not actually learn anything from it. If we want to come up with a fan-wank explanation for why the CPU is in the head, maybe we can also say that it needs to be away from the powerpack for EM or radiation reasons or something.
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