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Indeed, in fact I'm sure there's other pages around as well I either forgot to mention or just plain forgot.. Minimi/SAW has a good bit of stuff, I think some shotguns also.. no doubt others - all told, fair enough there. In the case of the TEC-9 page I have to point out it's not a entirely apples-to-apples comparison -It has what would otherwise be a essay of info spread out the page in multiple sections whcih makes it subsequently look a lot cleaner - but that said no way to do that on a page with only one weapon variant/type so there it is there.

Appearance aside, I suppose the only other issue is that with many other pages looking quite sparse next to these there will be a push to build up these other weapon pages with info (that in fairness can be almost as easily found elsewhere) and thus take away attention at listing and IDing weapons on the media - that is, the point of the site. Even then though.. perhaps that's being a bit much. I and others have bitched about that kinda thing elsewhere and it seems to not end up being that big a deal. I still think there's something to the whole KISS concept to be said here, but end of the day, not like I can't live with it. Indeed like I said I enjoy the info.

Was hoping to get some other admin input on this but perhaps Tim does run everything and the others just pop in and out for fun.
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