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I think that the 10,000 views before monetisation is actually a good policy. If you are legitimately making content of your own, 10,000 global views (ever for all videos, not just for one video) is really not that much, and the amount of money you would get before this point is pretty negligible to by honest. I'm not sure exactly what the figure is, but I believe that Youtube pays something like $8 per 1000 ad views, with an ad view only counting if you don't skip in the first 30 seconds or something. Lets say that only about 30% of people actually watch the ad to this point, that means that the ad revenue that you are missing out on is only like $25 in total. The purpose of this 10,000 views before monetisation is to stop people creating spam accounts with misleading video titles, channels that rip other peoples content, or channels that claim copyright of other peoples content to steal the monetisation.
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