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Originally Posted by Mike Searson View Post
They were just released earlier this month.
I love the 3" bbl, too, on a DA gun, they seem to balance just right.
I had heard they were bringing that caliber, but I thought it had been out for a wee bit already. Guess I was wrong, either way though! But it just looks great. I remember the S&W Model 696 they had for a minute a few years back, and thought it looked good, even with the full underlug.

I agree 3" does have a good balance and feel on most revolvers, though I think 4" works pretty well too overall.

Agree about the Bulldog, would be a good piece to put up somewhere, like that.

I like the special both itself but also as a Smith man - In all honesty I'd probably shoot it more in the wheelguns. Though I'd probably also have some Magnums, though those would be more for shoulder pieces - Lever-action carbines and such.
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