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I'm a big Peckinpah fan, so I'll throw this one in first:

The Getaway. McQueen at the top of his game. The film is a heist flick, a road film, and a solid drama. The shootout with police after he takes the shotgun from the gun store is amazing, and the shootout in the hotel at the end helped to define what action films would look and feel like for the next 20 years.

Aliens. The Pulse Rifle. Every time it lights up a room, I smile. What a tense claustrophobic nightmare of a movie to have such sweeping action scenes.

Boondock Saints. It's not terribly realistic, but it's just entertaining as hell. Il Duce pulling gun after gun from that vest was cool. The cafe. The peepshow. The court room.

Casino Royale. Daniel Craig's first turn as Bond was loaded with unflinching brutality. The first scene literally establishing this iteration of James Bond as a bulldozer. The shootout in the embassy was a happy surprise for me. I never expected to see a Bond this capable without gadgets falling out of every pocket. It was the bond film I'd always wanted to see.

True Grit. John Wayne will always be Rooster Cogburn to me. When Cogburn rides against the Ned Pepper gang, it's not a wild shootout, not a long shootout, but it's a damn good moment in cinema.
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