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Originally Posted by Jcordell View Post
That's a good idea. Now to be honest the whole tournament bracket thing has always defeated me. In other words I would be no good at actually designing one.

Yes Mann might need his own region. I think that westerns could be a region since some of the best gunfights are from westerns (or so I believe). I forgot Saving Private Ryan when I put my list together.I don't see why war movies couldn't have their own region. "Glory", "Battleground", "A Bridge Too Far", "Platoon", "The Longest Day", "Enemy At the Gates" ,"The Wild Geese" and "We Were Soldiers" are just a few that come to mind and I'm not even mentioning the various Korean, German, French and Polish war movies. I guess science fiction/comic book movies might be their own category ..... region (sorry). Then there are action movies. John Woo is good, but so are many of his peers from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Boy it's making my head hurt. If you want to give it a go I will help out where I can.

Let me know. Good idea though. Could be lots of fun.
Including war movies just feels little... disrespectful. Action directors can't necessarily do war movies, I think Pearl Harbor and Windtalkers made that clear. It's also hard to pin down a single scene. The Omaha Beach sequence or the final battle in the end in Saving Private Ryan?

I just checked, I'm not sure Michael Mann has enough films to fill his own region. (Eleven films on IMFDB, but not all created equal. Not a lot of gunfights in Ali, I'm afraid.) It'd be way too easy to get an All-Michael Mann Final Four. (Off the top of my head, bank heist in Heat, end of Miami Vice, club shootout in Collateral, lodge shootout from Public Enemies.)
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