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Chapter Three
Militia Camp, Sudan
Hari Aslam swaggered into the tent that served as Commander al-Shaddi’s personal quarters immediately upon returning to camp from the successful raid.
“Commander, we have achieved great success, Allah be praised!”
“Great my friend, tell me, what did you find and what do you need to proceed?”
“Commander, we now have in our procession samples of SUD-V and have eliminated the American who was actively working on it in Chad. I believe I can engineer an effective weapon within a month or so”
“Excellent, Doctor. And will the Americans be able to counter it?”
“Doubtful, Commander. By eliminating the American in Chad, I believe we eliminated their primary researcher, even though there is another one in American, at their CDC.”
“Do we know who he is, Doctor?”
“Yes, sir. It is a she actually, a simple internet search has yielded her name, her credentials, and where she works. I am confident that with a little more time, I can even find her address.”
“Good work, Doctor. She will have to be eliminated before we can proceed.”

Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Jim Dillard plodded back into his small apartment, once again tired and dirty. There was a stack of mail in front of the mail slot, an official looking manila envelope sitting atop the pile. Grabbing it but leaving the rest of it, Dillard walked into the kitchen and grabbed a PBR as he ripped open envelope. It contained but one terse official document:

Personnel Command
United States Army

Dillard, James Eli, USA, Inf,

This is to serve as official notice than you have underwent screening for promotion to the rank of Major. You have not been selected for promotion at this time. At present time, you have screened and not been selected three times for promotion. In accordance with Army personnel policy, upon failure to successfully screen for promotion the third time, an officer is allowed to appeal the decision of the review board, seek assignment in the reserve components of the service, or allowed to resign his commission. Please reply by endorsement your response within three (3) weeks.

Dillard crumpled the sheet of paper up and proceeded to drink down his first PBR in one long pull. He then silently walked to his bedroom and retrieved his half gallon bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch and took a long pull from the bottle. In a flash of rage, he ripped his framed commission from the wall and threw it in the general direction of his trash can. Then came the two framed citations for his Silver Stars, and because he was drunk, and rolling the one framed picture of him and sister. It was from a happier time, atleast for most of the Dillard family.
I like to think, that before that Navy SEAL double tapped bin Laden in the head, he kicked him, so that we could truly say we put a boot in his ass.
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