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Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
Eastwood tends to evoke emotion from his audience with subject matter (rape is one of his frequently used) as opposed to something more thematic and I find that sort of cheap. As an actor as well he frequently just plays one character, and that is Clint Eastwood. I see him more as an icon than a good director or actor, though he's a far cry from being bad at either of those things, as his films are technically well made and he can adapt his single character (again, himself) to different roles relatively well.

To continue channeling my college film classes, Steven Spielberg is the yardstick when it comes to directorial talent, as he develops everything that needs to be in a proper film while placing in elements of his own, and he also directs across genres. Ihat's not to say Scorsese or De Palma are bad, I like them too as a matter of fact, but to break away from doing film featuring very similar subject matter (mobsters/gangsters in their case) adds points to credibility in a subjective sense.
Scorsese's the one who always seems to go for the mobster/gangster route.

De Palma tends to focus more on outright suspense/thriller type scenarios.
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