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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
I think Clint Eastwood is a pretty good director. He's bagged a couple oscars and I don't think I can name any movies he directed or directed/starred in that were really bad movies.
I would describe him as inconsistent. I thought Invictus was pretty bad, despite the predictably good reviews and Oscar nominations it received (let's face it - anti-racism movies always get praised regardless of whether or not they're actually good art). I also didn't like Blood Work or Changeling, both of which I recently watched for the first time.

Also, while watching Changeling, I remember having an epiphany: If I don't see Clint Eastwood on-camera (which is where he belongs, IMO), I don't particularly care whether or not he was behind the camera.

Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
While an iconic badass and a great film maker, it still sucks that Eastwood in real life is kind of meh. He's a vegetarian who's pro-gun control and completely anti-violence. Seems like he's a parody of his film roles.
Not sure what's wrong with being a vegetarian, but I mostly just find his politics esoteric: He has claimed he doesn't like excessive violence and guns in movies, but he was also friends with Charlton Heston. I am guessing that he likes guns but is unwilling to admit this in the anti-RKBA climate of Hollywood. Besides, have you ever seen a Clint Eastwood movie where he handles guns, and it wasn't obvious that a lot of thought went into the choice of weapons and their use on-screen?
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