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I love Uwe Boll, I think he's an artist and a master filmaker.

HA! Kidding!

I think Clint Eastwood is a pretty good director. He's bagged a couple oscars and I don't think I can name any movies he directed or directed/starred in that were really bad movies. Personally I wouldn't really enjoy Bridges of Madison County for example, but I'm sure it was still a good film for who it was for. While an iconic badass and a great film maker, it still sucks that Eastwood in real life is kind of meh. He's a vegetarian who's pro-gun control and completely anti-violence. Seems like he's a parody of his film roles.

David Fincher is another director I'm fond of. Se7en and Fight Club are two of my favorite films, and for the most part he's got a good track record (sans Alien3).

Michael Mann, obviously, we all know from this site how he aims to please. All of his films are well acted, researched, and the training the actors are given is always impressive (personally I found Tom Cruise's performance in Collateral very awe inspiring). Althought the pacing to his films I find can be a bit sluggish at times.

I could sit here all day and look through my movie collection listing off great directors, but there's just too many really.
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