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Yes I'm very anal about my guns. Even my duty GLOCKS get brought into the house and the end of my shift. I don't store my G19 in it's holster and I try to clean them at least once a month.

And I do all the usual. Wipe them down before they go back into the safe even if all I did was take one out for a couple minutes to show off. I have both a moisture absorbing Goldenrod in my safe as well as a box of silicate gel.

I got it from my dad. He grew up in the Southern U.S. where guns were (and still are) very routine, but the southern climate is rough on them. Though I live in dry southwestern Idaho dad imparted to me the importance of being anal about their cleanliness. Then the U.S. Army encouraged and facilitated the neurosis.

Nyles the Enfield Mk VI is shaved. I now own an actual Webley Mk VI (mfd. 1919) in .455 as well. The Enfield is in better shape. It has New Zealand military marks on it and no importer stamp. So it's pre 1968. The .455 Webley was imported by CIA (Century International Arms) and has Irish markings. It isn't as pretty, but mechanically it's in good shape. I'll try to post a photo of it as well.

I've loaded up some 45acp to .455 specs and fired it in the Enfield. And I spent the money on a box of Hornady .455. I've fired twelve rounds through both of them and they are now safe Queens. I did get Snap Caps for both however so I can do the occassional dry firing and not break the firing pin.
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