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Default Some of my beaters.

The 'sporterized Mk III* is a BSA with a 1916 date of birth. I picked it up a few years ago for $75.00. I know it's been "bubbaized", but something about it caught my eye. And the price was right. Also it's fairly accurate. I own a couple pieces that are beaters for sure, but I've always kept a couple beaters in my safe. They can be fun and you don't worry about scratching or dinging them.

The Mk VI is one of the ones manufactured by Enfield in the mid - 1920's.

And finally a S&W M&P 3rd Change with a six inch barrel. Date of birth: 1912/1913. It was refinished (nicely done I might add) sometime in the past and somebody did a home gunsmith job on the hammer turning it into a target hammer. But all the serial numbers match to include the serial number written in pencil on the inside of the grips. The factory wrote the serial numbers in pencil on the inside of the grips panels into the 1930's.

Like the Mk III* "sporter" the M&P is very accurate at 20 yards with 38 Special 158 grain LRN. And there are things about it that are just neat such as the dishing out of the top strap just above the forcing cone - I would imagine for flame cutting. Evidently it was also a big deal with shooters 97 years ago! I paid $200.00 flat for that "old" M&P.

Just thought I would show off some of my less pretty pieces. I like the beaters also.
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