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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
and most of these people wouldn't hesitate to reenact Ruby Ridge or Waco at even the slightest provocation and, in all honesty, more than likely don't care who gets caught in the crossfire.
Do you even KNOW the history of either Ruby Ridge OR Waco? Oh how our youth have been brainwashed by the liberal media.

Ruby Ridge was 100% the fed's fault. The fact that Randy Weaver was exonerated of all charges (except the one of missing his court date etc and deemed time served). Just read the history and ALL of the crap came from the FEDS not Weaver, even though he and his family were bizarre, but the last time I heard, being a weirdo was not a capital crime.

Waco, AGAIN, was a load of crap. Koresh was a weirdo, but it was the ATF who initiated the raid and shot Koresh in the stomach. Again, the government hearings on the matter DID NOT put the FBI and ATF in a good light.

I find it astonishing that anyone lists these events as the fault of the people who were killed, not the overzealous 'law enforcement' types, who many times NEVER IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES before they went in guns blazing. I watched the Senate hearings. I never thought I would be cheering Dianne Feinstein, but she was giving the FBI hell over Ruby Ridge. She really REAMED them for (a) wearing BDUs, face masks, ballistic armor and NO identifying marks (b) not identifying themselves, and shooting at rural country people and then (c) getting mad that people were shooting back.

But I digress. But any gun owner who lists Ruby Ridge or Waco as actions which are the fault of the people (no matter how flawed) versus the Feds, they are sadly lacking in information.
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