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I'm pretty sure that if you were training for a scenario where you had to breach and clear a building, trying to "shoot 'em up" is precisely what you would NOT be doing. Maybe you're just describing it the wrong way, but shooting at walls doesn't sound remotely disciplined or controlled. I can't imagine anyone trains that way. This is real life, not the movies.

Originally Posted by Bugabear View Post
A bank. Ive always wanted to do a bank. Like a full office type of bank. With counters and office cubicles and lots of hallways you see in movies. I'd have to use a MP5 for this. I hate using carbines in CQB. Oh and I'd use more flashbangs then necessary. On my MP5 I'd have a folding stock, the flashlight frontguard, a EOtech sight and double magazines. I wouldnt have a silencer cause I want the bad guys to know I'm coming for them with more equipment than required. And all the bad guys have got to have Ak's and wear bandannas.
Sounds like you really are thinking about this too much as if you were making an action movie. If that's what you want, well and done. But in real life, most tactical teams would prefer NOT to have to clear a bank. It's way harder to do surprise entry in banks than almost anywhere else.

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