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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
A MAGAZINE fed Rem 700 police, NICE! I never thought I'd say this but I wish I was in Cali right now (no offense to you, just the politicians and laws bother me).

If you have a DVD disc drive on your computer, stick in a disc and see if the DVD player system you have has a image capture button. Or press The button that says "Print Scrn SysRq" (top right of keyboard) and you capture whatever is on the screen (this allows you to screencap things such as youtube vids or online site vids too). If you have a laptop, get back to me on this.

If the player doesn't, look on the net for one to download.

Us admins. do a lot of this, we can likely talk you through it.
the factory Detachable magazines only hold three shots. If you really wanted to experiance something that you can't in New York, I sugest the Albany Winter Shoot in Oregon. I'm sure that if you are willing to scrounge up the ammo and the M13 link I can talk a friend into letting you try out his HK-21E.
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