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I also mentioned cases of "severe foregrip allergy" that are highly visible within the recent TV series Flashpoint. What makes this especially "head, meet desk" worthy is how some of the characters on the show actually DO use their foregrips, and most of the cast are supposed to be high-flying SWAT-style cops, capable of scoring no less than 48 out of 50 bullseyes under various adverse conditions (last I heard that was the standard for continuing marksmanship qualification). The gun handling technique on the show is definitely not a recipe for believability.

As for games featuring foregrips, I think it depends on the engine. Two of the games I've helped contribute large amounts of info to on this wiki make use of foregrips, SWAT 4 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. The latter will even change your character's grip to accomodate the foregrip when you equip or unequip one.

Sadly, in GRAW2's PC version the foregrips don't actually decrease the muzzle rise or make the gun more accurate, which is something I've tested myself, and the foregrip on the M4A1 in SWAT 4 doesn't seem to help with the muzzle climb at all. Maybe it was to make it so that the M4A1 doesn't completely outclass the other two assault rifles in the game's multiplayer.
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