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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post

I wrote that (quite a while ago now), and I should edit it. A few months ago, we declared a moratorium on any comments which critique actors' gun handling. The reason being that we found out some of the actors whose gun handling has been mocked on IMFDB have actually looked at the site, and they weren't happy about it.
Why aren't they happy? They really have no one but themselves to blame. No one is forcing them to perform incorrectly, and their mistake is right there for everyone who knows better to see. Actors are paid to learn how to portray a character and then do so on camera to the director's satisfaction and budgetary/time limits. If they do it wrong, why are they upset with this site? Unmodified screenshots displaying their gaffes aren't libel or slander.

I'm surprised that the foregrips aren't then removed by the armourers so as "keep the actors from being a disgrace to the weapons." Of course, this wouldn't stop other gaffes like the slide-bite-prone grip you mentioned, or inappropriate trigger discipline, but it would reduce this "head, meet desk" inducing problem of not knowing what a simple handle is for. I mean, it's a handle, like the handles on a bike, there for you to hold and put your hands on.

The more I think about this, the more I think something like a "Guide to Guns for Actors, Background or Otherwise" composed by people like you would be useful, explaining proper stance, grip, and common functions of gun features. Would certainly help to inform people who could do more to look more convincing with film firearms.
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