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Didnt Arnold get some sort of praise for his realistic handling of weapons in Terminator? I thought I heard something about that somewhere.

Another movie that kind of stands out, but almost instantly loses my praise is Death Sentence.

I praise the movie for actually depicting Kevin Bacon, as not knowing how to use a gun at all, to the point that he reads the Owner Manuals. (which is a little odd, because its supposed to be part of the Death Wish series, and Brosnans character knew his guns.) So he goes from not even knowing how to open the chamber on his revolver, to being ok with them.

But then the film made me groan, when he uses a double barrel shotgun, and you can hear the sound guys have given the weapon a 'cocking' sound when he turns a corner or two, much, very much like the sound a pump action has in movies. Nitpicking? yes, but thats what I do.

The other movie that really messes it up, and I think its mainly due to bad editing, is Hellboy. His revolver, the Samaritan, is known for being a 4 shot gun. but in one of the shootouts you hear him fire the gun six times, then reloads. Probably just bad editing, but still.
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