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Among the pieces that I have inherited on dad's passing is the Colt Combat Commander that he purchased in 1976 from a fellow state trooper. Manufactured in 1974 it started life as a blue steel model. In 1978 dad sent it off to Texas and had a hard chrome finish applied which still looks great after thirty-eight years. I started shooting in 1980 and this was one of the first handguns dad started me out on. I have very fond memories associated with this Commander, but nothing perfect. In the case I have never liked the nubby little grips safety tang and I'm a lefty. A few years ago I mentioned this to dad and he told me that one day his guns would be mine (both of us figured it would be many more years) and I would be able to do what I want. So I'm sending the Commander to a competent local gunshop , that I've dealt with before, to have an beavertail safety and an ambidextrous safety put on. I'm also considering changing the sights. I'll hold onto the original components, but I'm not worried about ruining the collectability since dad took care of that way back in the seventies with the hard chrome finish - which I have always liked. I'm just modifying it to suit me. It's a keeper and will eventually go to one of my kids and they can do with it what they want. Sorry about the photos. I had to use my wife's old Kodak.

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