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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Nothing new to me. I always knew it would be a backdoor to a new rifle. Now they're gonna spend 2K on a weapon that's no better than a $500 M4. Great use of that limited budget there, MC.
Although the Marines are definitely drinking the Heckler und Koch kool-aid, I didn't think they were seriously planning to make the M27 (in its current incarnation) a standard infantry rifle? I believe what Excalibur is referring to is a article which indicated that 5th Marines is going to experiment with issuing the M27 as a service rifle during a pre-deployment exercise. I wouldn't call that a change in procurement strategy.

Also, I've been to the MARCORSYSCOM demo booth this year and last year when I was at Sea-Air-Space. They didn't show off the M27 at all on either year that I have been there, which is a bit surprising, given all the press it has received. Last year, I remember I asked a Marine E-7 at the demo booth what he thought of it. His only impression was that he didn't like the length/weight relative to the M4. (Though this guy was not assigned to PMM 113, which is the Infantry Weapons program office at MCSC, so I doubt he had much testing experience with it, let alone operational experience.)
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