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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Love that S&W! Well, aside from the fact that I prefer the guns with the rounded trigger guards rather than the flared ones. (On Berettas/Tauruses, I have the opposite sentiments, but I think the S&W guns look better with the rounded trigger guards.)
The squared trigger guards on most S&Ws are also noticeably smaller at the front (I've noticed it mostly on 3rd gens, my 645 is "normal") and it's definitely something that could be annoying for big/gloved fingers. I really like the hook on my 645, but the checkering on my 4506 and 5906 guards is very comfortable

I might get a LNIB SW40VE (yeah I know) I found for $200, I want something to stick up at my dad's place in his safe; my SKS-D is going when I am able to get up there next. I also just got a Fireforce Ventures Rhodesian rig off a friend, and a Chinese Type 84 rig for my new WASR
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