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I'm a lefty when it comes to shooting. I carried the SIG P220 and the P245 for the first six years of my law enforcement career (2000 - Present). By the end of my time at the police academy (Idaho P.O.S.T.) I had gotten pretty adept at pushing the de-cocker lever with my trigger finger. However I also fired a couple thousand rounds through my P220 during the time at the academy; not to mention many hours of dry-firing and drawing and re-holstering my trusty SIG P220 (Made in W. Germany). I had to switch to the GLOCK 19 in 2006;department went to uniform issue of GLOCK pistols G21/G19. I have small hands and the G21 has a big grip. For a couple years after switching to the G19 my trigger finger would routinely push a ghost de-cocker. It never hindered me and as time went by it became less and less frequent. I don't use the slide release lever. I rack the slide. Once again a technique taught at the academy and one that I have used for the past 21 years. Habit, training, conditioning. Not saying one technique is better than another mind you.

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