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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I am starting to wonder if we'll be seeing more and more custom AR-15s than standard M4s in future movies? The recent trailer for John Wick 2 made me think of more and more armorers will start tacticooling a lot of their guns for a character's personal rifle in movies as time goes on. I wonder are we going to see less and less of the bone stock M4 with the fixed carrying handle or even the stock M4 with just an EOtech and replaced with different handguards and stocks from now on and when does it stop being an M4 and just a custom AR?
Good question, and one which I have thought about myself. Yes, the marketplace for ARs is now full of different lowers/uppers/accessory configs that defy any simple typology (i.e. M4A1 vs. M933 vs. Mark 18 CQBR, which is how it used to be). And yes, this trend is carrying over to Hollywood and making it harder and harder to ID any given weapon we see in the media. (Indeed, given some of the exotic-looking ARs we are seeing in movies lately - i.e. those in "Suicide Squad" - I would be challenged to easily ID an AR unless I talked to the movie's armorers myself. The fact that I've lost track of the market doesn't help.)

Since we often won't know the make/model of the lower, I would think the most expedient approach is to use "Custom AR-15" as the catch-all, and describe make/model of accessories to the best of the IMFDB user's abilities.
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