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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
Why people still use Keymod when given their choice is beyond me.
At least with BCM, one of the incentives for choosing their Keymod rails over their M-LOK rails is that they offer far more accessories for Keymod. (I discovered this oddity when I was searching their site and found that the vert grip I wanted for my rifle wasn’t available for M-LOK, only Picatinny and Keymod.) I find this to be a sleazy practice on their part; I wonder if Vltor (which invented Keymod, and also manufactures parts for BCM) has some sort of deal with BCM to push Keymod on their customers.

All things considered, Keymod isn’t really that bad. I know it didn’t hold up as well as M-LOK in NSWC Crane’s drop tests, but since I don’t plan to drop my AR from 5 stories up or run it over with my car, I’m not too concerned about that. I actually think the attachment system is a little more intuitive than M-LOK (as I discovered when I first started putting accessories on my MCMR rail). It’s mostly just ugly; I didn’t want my AR to look like it was furnished by IKEA, which is why I got an M-LOK rail.
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