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Christmas came early for me: My BCM upper and lower both arrived on Saturday. I also got my BUIS in the mail yesterday. Setup is not complete yet, but I expect that once everything has arrived, the final config will look like this:

- BCM MK2 BFH Enhanced Lightweight upper w/ 14.5” barrel, MCMR-13 handguard, and BCM Mod 1 compensator
- BCM lower w/ Gunfighter Mod 0 SOPMOD stock
- EOTech EXPS-3
- BCM stubby vertical grip
- Scalarworks front sight
- Magpul MBUS Pro rear sight
- Blue Force Gear VCAS sling

I’m still waiting on my sling and some rail covers to arrive in the mail. My setup is inspired pretty heavily by the one that Larry Vickers uses, and features one of BCM’s new MK2 upper receivers (just released this month), which Vickers Tactical has been demo’ing in prototype form for the past two years. The main differences between my setup and LAV’s is that I run an EOTech (instead of an Aimpoint) and an MCMR (M-LOK) forearm instead of KMR (Keymod). Oh, and I’m not sure yet whether I’ll run a light on this build, but I’m pretty sure I won’t mount it in the 12:00 position.
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