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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
So judging from the poster of the main cast, we're now focused on a more gender equality team instead of a buddy-cop dual series, which means either more screen time trying to develop 4 main cast members, or not enough time for any.
To be fair, Stonebridge and Scott were never the sole focus. They managed to flesh out numerous characters, both hero and villain alike, pretty well throughout the series' run.

The guys look like they can be the special forces type, but why do they always try to get the hottest looking gals to play roles that they clearly don't seem capable of?
Richmond, Dalton, and Pirogova come to mind as fitting that description, but were able to hold their own on multiple occasions. Richmond was practically the unofficial third member of the Stonebridge/Scott team in the 4th and 5th seasons.

Seriously, they're skin and bones and this show that's notorious for showing a lot of skin and boning most likely will not show a lot of these gals boning...
Eh, we'll see.

and in this climate, how am I gonna bet that one of them is the hot kind of lesbian? Nothing against that, but I get the feeling in order to feel a military action shooter that's supposed to be balls to the walls, they'll have this and many more.
To be honest, the brunette on the right does kind of give off that vibe.
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