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Default Some recent additions to my collection

Since I haven't posted recently, here's some additions to my collection over the last few months:

A Japanese T-26 revolver in 9mm Japanese, imported from the US. This was the first Japanese-made pistol used by the Japanese military adopted and produced in the 1890s, and still widely issued to NCOs during WW2. Essentially a combination of Smith & Wesson, Rast & Gasser and St Etienne features, the round it shoots is very similar to the .38 S&W. One of very few DAO military revolvers ever produced.

An FN Model 1903 in 9 x 20mm Long, one of the very early models produced before Belgium was overrun by the Germans in 1914. These were used by the Ottoman and Russian police, the Swedish army, Paraguay and Estonia. This particular one is Swedish marked, making it part of the biggest contract for these. Sweden would go on to produce them domestically as the Husqvarna 1907 after Belgium was ovverrun. Oddly, these were never actually used by the Belgian military.

A Belgian Mauser M1889/36 in 7.65 x 53mm Mauser. These were WW1-era M1889 rifles and carbines that were rebuilt to more closely approximate the '98 action M1935 which had just been adopted by the Belgian military. Interestingly, they even went so far as to convert the action from cock-on-closing to cock-on-openning.

An original India-Pattern Brown Bess Musket in .75 caliber, with an unconverted flint lock. This has the reinforced cock introduced in 1809, and bears the cypher of George III, who died in 1820, so the musket was made sometime between then. This was the same style musket used by British regulars during the latter parts of the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. Given that this one was located in Canada, and shows some signs of having been stored in rustic conditions, I like to imagine that it was used at Lundy's Lane.

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