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Originally Posted by Jcordell View Post
Today I unexpectedly received an e-mail advising me that a new shipment of Glock pistols is coming in next week and I can have either a 5th Gen G19 MOS or G45 MOS. If I want to buy my Gen 4 G19 it will cost me $290. Good price so I'm buying it. It was issued to me new in the box back in 2013 and I've been the only operator- it's basically been mine for the past eight years anyway. I'm going to go with the G45 this time because why not?
Good choice! I haven't yet had the chance to shoot the G45 myself yet, but if I buy another Glock, I've decided that it's going to be the G45. I've heard a lot of good things about it from pretty much every gun YouTuber I watch (check out Hickok45's video if you haven't already, here). I think it'll be a great final service pistol for you; the additional grip length and extra rounds in the mag will be nice, compared to the G19.

RE buying your Gen4 G19: No objection there; do you prefer to collect every service pistol you've had? I'm not in Law Enforcement, but if I were, that's what I'd do: I'd want to have a collection of all my service weapons as a memento of my career, and to pass along to my kids/grandkids.
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