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Originally Posted by zackmann08 View Post
I didn't read what he wrote and was lucky enough not to have it posted on my page but if I may throw in my 2 cents... From what I understand, he basically just posted a spoiler of what happened (I have NOT seen the movie btw)? Was there a question in there somehow, i.e. is there any way he could say the spoiler was unintentional or did her literally just post a giant spoiler for spoilers sake, because if the later is the case then I have to say I don't think 2 weeks is enough of a ban. I would say give him ONE chance to explain his actions and if he doesn't have a very good explanation for why he attempted to ruin a movie for almost a dozen people then we really don't need him around here at all.

Just my thoughts...
He posted a massive SPOILER starting with "Can you believe that......" and posted it to every ADMIN's talk page. It was a major "WTF" moment. He wasn't engaging in discussion or questions. He was just blurting out the ending to everyone literally on the day after it premiered. And cut and paste the spoiler paragraph(s) identically to a bunch of people's talk pages.

I agree, 2 weeks is NOT enough of a ban for that level of stupidity. If he was just excited why did he just target MODs?
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