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The only downsides to a 4506 are that it's heavy (it's very much a belt dragger), and the mags are no longer made and are like $50. Surprisingly, holsters (even left-handed) and grips are super easy to find. I have my 4506-1 not a foot from me as I type this, unholstered on the floor as I am away from home (usual bedside is an FNX with mounted light).

I definitely agree one of the 3rd gen wondernines is a must, if one wants an "old school" S&W auto, as they're basically the easiest to find and high quality new mags are relatively common. Even a budget gun like a 915 would be awesome. the 1st and 2nd gen guns are cool as hell, but not hard-use ready workhorses like the 3rd gens since that BEAUTIFUL black finish they are typically seen with is prone to holster wear and blemishing (also if you break a part you're SOL), and the triggers aren't that great

I've had 6 S&W autos so far (39-2, 459, 645, 915, 6906, 4506-1), gave one away and had to sell another. If I buy another .40, it's going to be a 4006 as they're decently common here since they seem to have been popular (you still see them, now and again) with Houston PD and Harris County Sheriff's Dept.
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