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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
I think despite the fact that there were reports of the Brits picking up and using full auto FALs during the Falklands, I think most quickly discover how poor a FAL handles in full auto.
I don't really think that was the main way that British soldiers used full auto FALs, it was by adapting L1A1s. On a related note though, a lot of full auto Para FALs were adopted into the SAS inventory during the Falklands.

The L1A1 actually has an auto sear, it just lacks the selector position. What you do is that you wedge a match underneath the back of the sear so that it no longer acts as a disconnecter. Assuming yo do it correctly, like this the gun runs exactly the same as a regular FAL. Because this is obviously unofficial people learned how to do it from hearsay so didn't always know where to put the matches, and have heard of people putting them behind the firing causing the gun to slam fire and dump the whole mag.

As for when this was actually done, it was done a lot on blank fire exercises with people acting as the enemy, but it was also done operationally on occasion in more close quarter environments. You had to have damn good trigger control though, as the gun was always full auto and couldn't be switched to semi without breaking it open and removing the matches.

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