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Civilian national Defense Force/ Department of Change agents:


Mossberg maverick 88
Glock 17
Taurus Jusdge
FN minimi

Department Of change

Glock 26
Sig 556 pistol turned into SBR
taurus judge


The gangs are out helping enemies due to cash reward for finding rebels. Poorly armed. Baisc thugs have:

Lorcin, raven, other saturday night special .25acps
kel tec p-32
Lorcing, Jiminez, .380s
Jennings j-22

Next level have hi-point 380s and 9s, and some rossi snubnoseds,

Some higher ups have glocks, ruger p- series, etc.

highest level (kind of like officers of gang) have tec-9, mac-10/11, and skorpion

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