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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
You don't understand adapting some thing into a different culture. If I was making a 1 to 1 remake of the show in Japan or in an Asian setting and made all the cast white, THAT'S a problem.

Ghost in the Shell is a very Japanese piece of fiction with no room to work without. All they really needed to do is change all the names from their Japanese names and set it in a place appropriate for the cast. Hell, they should have kept the setting since it's very Bladerunner like and not tell us where in the world they are located at and we'd have no problem at all, but they wanted to keep all the names, including the Major and convoluted a plot to why she's Japanese in a white woman's body.

Also, a lot of NON Japanese people were harping on the white washing thing. There wasn't a single outrage or complaint from the Japanese anime community about it. I'm not sure if it's racist for other people to be offended in place of those that are supposed to be offended but aren't.

I'm not calling my main character Itami and casting a black guy in his place. That's stupid. I'm changing the names and location and taking the general premise. The cast of the other world doesn't need changing. Instead of Tokyo, Japan. It's in Chicago and there are more white, blacks and Hispanics in Chicago than Asians. I know because I'm Chinese and I lived in Chicago.

If I am keeping him Japanese, then I'd need to pick an appropriate Asian actor and if I want to be honest, the pool of competent Asian actors is very small compared to other people. The only reason I'm thinking about Micheal B. Jordan is because of the recent Black Panther success and that he's secretly an Anime fan.
Its also set in Hong Kong (heavy Western/British influence) and the Major turns out to be a Asian teen who got mindwiped and cyborged.
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