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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Well not necessarily. Edge of Tomorrow basically didn't even tell us it was an adaptation of something Japanese and that didn't even have its own anime release to be based from.

I think in this case, I'm only taking the premise and some story elements from the original source and adapting it to fit the American setting.

I'm more or less going with the manga and the book since the anime tamed a lot of the harder elements and I didn't like it as much as I enjoyed reading the manga.

Keeping Itami Japanese limits our pool of actors to call on. I'm not looking for representation like today's SJW media. I would rather have good actors with a good script without forced agendas in placements. Like since Itami's team in the series included 2 women, I'm not going to cut them out, but unless we have an HBO style series, they and others will be under-developed.
A lot of people didn't like the Ghost in the Shell live action adaptation because the actress who portrayed Major Motoko Kusanagi wasn't Japanese or even recognizably East Asian. Technically, the writers could have hand-waved it since the Major is in essence a braincase and can wear any cyborg body with any appearance she chooses, but that didn't work out either. Changing Itami's ethnicity with live-action casting might be considered "yellow-face" again.

My guess is that the harder elements of Gate were censored by not including them in the script used for the anime adaptation in the first place, probably due in part to budgetary concerns.
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