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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
Looks like Crisis got DC's creative juices flowing. I don't know if either Kilmer is in any shape to return, and Clooney probably wouldn't want to. Nick Cage would probably appear as Superman at a kid's birthday party if the money was right though.
I doubt George Clooney will want to come back due to Batman & Robin very nearly killing Batman in live action. He even advised Affleck that he should pass on the role in Batman v Superman. But in all truthfulness, I think B&R's failure was mostly due to a terrible script and the worst casting of the film IMO was Arnold as Mr. Freeze rather than Clooney.

But what the article speculates about B&R being a separate earth from Batman '89 and Returns is actually true and was confirmed on the Crisis Aftermath (a Talking Dead-ish talk show hosted by Kevin Smith that discussed Crisis) that it takes place on Earth-97. They never mentioned Forever, though.
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