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A few reasons spring to mind why they might have used it. Firstly, the braced guns are far more common than the SBRs. Although they are listed on the manufacturers site as being available in an SBR configuration, I imagine that in stores the vast majority are braced pistols as the demand for these is overwhelmingly higher. Maybe that was the only version that was available on short notice. Not sure I buy this though as you have to do a fair bit of gun-smithing to get it to fire blanks so I assume you could just swap the stock over whilst doing this if you wanted an SBR type.

A second potential reason is that it is part of a product placement deal. The braced pistol version is the version that people will actually buy rather than the SBR, so maybe IWI paid for that version to be used.

Normally SBRs and machine guns are not a legal problem for prop houses as I believe that they tend to be Type 7 FFL holders meaning that they can essentially manufacture anything excluding DDs. However, I think the scene in question was filmed on location in Columbia so that is a completely different story. Maybe they had to use the only version that was available locally or something.

Honestly, to the wider world it is a total non issue anyway. The vast majority of people would not even notice that this is a braced rather than a "real" stock.
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