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Originally Posted by zackmann08 View Post
What I thought was interesting was that there were a few things that happened where I was like "yea right... like that would EVER happen"... Like the SEAL getting hit with the RPG that didn't detonate. I assumed that they just wanted it to be dramatic and exaggerated it a bit. Turns out, that ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENED!!!
There are three reasons an RPG could potentially not detonate. One, it was a dudd. Two, it was within the minimum arming distance of the RPG. Three, the fuze on an RPG is designed to detonate when it hits a solid armoured vehicle as opposed to a person, which is a fairly "soft" target. I think this has actually happened a few times, you have the Ranger who was killed by being impaled by an RPG in Somalia (as shown in Black Hawk Down), at least a couple of US soldier who have survived being hit by non detonating RPGs (one in the leg and one in the pelvis for sure, probably others), and there was a British Para officer who got hit in the front plate of his body armour by an RPG during an ambush which didn't detonate and he was basically fine. Also, I personally know a British Royal Marine who had an RPG hit the top of his helmet, and cartwheel off before the time fuze went off about 10 meters behind him. He got a concussion and didn't remember it, but he needed A LOT of alcohol to calm him down when it was explained to him what had happened.
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