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Default A request to our RUSSIAN members.....

Since we have an influx of Russian IMFDB members, I have a favor to ask. Until recently I was going to fly to Russia (on business and while there take some pics of Russian weapons. ) But that project fell apart and I sure am not going to fly all the way over there just for that.

We, (in the U.S.) have provided lots of high resolution photographs of the weapons available here.

I was hoping if any of our Russian members can photograph or acquire high resolution pics of Russian weapons. It's a hell of a lot easier when you live there.

Our listing of Russian weapons (those that are not commonly owned or sold here in the United States), have many terrible pictures. They are low resolution (sometimes B&W) pics taken from some manual somewhere.

Can any of you Russian IMFDB members help out the site and contribute good quality pics of Russian weapons? It would be very much appreciated.

Hope this doesn't call on deaf ears

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