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Originally Posted by Spades of Columbia View Post
yeah, spray sounds cool until you get a slight breeze and then you'll be on the ground next to your attacker. I suggest a pepper gel like Kimber makes called the pepper blaster. You wont get blow back like with the sprays and its fired off by a shotgun primer so the gel flies at 90 MPH...the dude with be debilitated for atleast 45mins. It will even break thru glasses.
The original thought was for underage personal protection, pepper spray can be handy.

Pepper spray in certain situations like breaking up a bunch of kids fighting when you can't just shoot them or warding off an unarmed or drunk coming toward you.....or getting MJ tennis shoes.

You can't always just come out blasting. Now if your life is in imminent danger sure fire away, just make sure you know exactly what you're doing.

For example if someone breaks into my house.......
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