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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
I would think so, though of course, armorers are essentially service-providers with little creative control on the shows they do, so ultimately, people above them make decisions about what guns are used, how actors get trained in handling them, etc. But I believe they'll will tell you that on most productions, they at least have opportunities to make recommendations, even though the director gets the final say.
So essentially they can fill in for a military advisor's role if the production doesn't already have one? Then again, not all productions are lucky to have veterans on hand to provide advice and training (like The Way of the Gun had a Navy SEAL advising on the production since he was the director's brother).

Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
This thread reminds me of a story related by MPM some years back.
Would that videogames have that kind of expertise on hand more often. They don't need armourers or real-life guns on hand to make the ingame guns (though of course such authentic expertise can certainly help), after all.

Back to the original topic, here's another video along that train of thought.
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