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Originally Posted by Ace Oliveira View Post
Also, how much did the regular SLA infantry use FN Minimis and FN MAGs during the 1980s? Were they common?
I imagine the SLA received some surplus L7A2 GPMGs from the British government just as they received many surplus L1A1 SLRs, but I imagine that, as with other small arms, they've long since been usurped by the influx of Eastern Bloc/Chicom-made RPDs and PKMs. Most of the pictures I see show the SLA personnel carrying communist-made weapons.

As for the Minimis, I can't imagine those are used much outside of specialist units and commandos today, and I'd be surprised if the SLA had even one in the 1980s. In the '80s, you wouldn't have even found very many NATO armies using the Minimi just yet (because the 5.56x45mm SAW concept was just starting to catch on). And whatever NATO does, you generally shouldn't expect the Third World to follow suit for a long time (if ever...otherwise, there still wouldn't be so many Third World armies using .308 battle rifles as infantry weapons today).

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