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Originally Posted by k9870 View Post
how did you get a p14 frame? Im hoping we get lots of good pics and a range report, btw, ive actually researched the grips (was looking into what a custom para might cost, then heard SIG is making a double stack and i trust their engineering more.) They do not make a laser yet but who knows? What inish do you plan on?
A customer of my dad's happened to have a P-14 frame he was looking to sell, so we bought it from him. Otherwise I doubt we would have been able to find one very easily.

As for the grips, for now I'll keep the standard Para grips on it, but maybe I'll look into some of the slim-profile 1911 grips for it.

For finish, since the frame is fully assembled and matte blued already, we're going to keep it as is. It looks really nice as a tutone IMO.

I'll be sure to give a full report on the project as it progresses.
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