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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
So if ACOG didn't have doctor red dot mounts until 2007, does that mean the doctor mounts we saw in The Lone Survivor is anachronistic?
Docter sights fitted to ACOGs with non-trijicon mounts were around back to around 2003-ish. What didn't come out until 2007 was the Trijicon RedDot, their own mini reflex sight for mounting onto ACOGs. In 2005 you could get Docters mounted on ACOGs so this isn't necessarily anachronistic. All that being said, I believe that the sights that they were actually using on their ACOGs were JPoints with those mounts with the metal protective wings (this can be seen on Danny Dietz's Wikipedia page image). The JPoint mounts were made in 2002 at the request of FBI HRT I believe. Trivia note, the Trijicon RedDot released in 2007 is just a licensed copy of the JPoint that costs more money.
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