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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
The weapons in the movie were configured after what actual LAPD SWAT used at the time and 2003 was when the accessory market had really only started to take off. Even ACOGs were relatively new at the time, with the military only beginning to use them on a large scale in or around 2000. In fact, the ACOG was originally purpose-built to affix to carry handles. At that time, piggybacking optics had yet to come into fashion. A story I heard (not sure if it's true or not) was that Trijicon started making ACOG/red dot combos after seeing a soldier's ACOG that he had simply glued a red dot sight on top of.

The configuration is a bit dated today with all the multi-magnification, piggyback, and offset options, but like fixed carry handles and the old triangular A1 handguards, it still has its charms.
In 2003 there were mounts for fitting Docters to ACOGs made by KAC, but it was still an experimental thing and not really done by anybody yet on a large scale. ACOGs do have iron sights, but they are kind of terrible only being useful at very short ranges due to the massive aperture and post and terrible sight radius. Trijicon would not make their own red dot and ACOG mounts until 2007.

According to the official Trijicon history page, ACOGs were officially adopted by the US Special Forces in 1995, the USMC in 2004, and the US army in 2007. Apparently the first people to use them were GSG9 who started fitting them to SG550s in 1993.
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