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I'll look at it. Sure.

EDIT: Could the pictures be any bigger? I'm a sucker for big pretty pictures on pages...
Otherwise it looks pretty good.
1: Beretta 92 is actually a 92FS. 92 are the old ones, that are rarely seen, with rounded trigger guards. Check out the Beretta 92 series for more details.
2: In the picture of the guy with an "AK-47 variant" he does not seem to be holding an AK variant at all, but the low res. picture makes it hard to tell. Do you have a bigger picture?
3: The picture of the SWAT guy with the MP-5 is not an SD model. It has a tac-light but no suppressor.
4: The ".22 automatics" very hard to see, again: do you have a better picture? It could be a Beretta Bobcat/Tomcat in .25 or .32. Is it explicitly called a .22 in the show?

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