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Originally Posted by SPEMack618 View Post
Oops. Typo.

No, Savimbi was goon, a somewhat usable goon, but a goon none the less. I was more referring to the glorification of the SADF and the Apartheid (sp) era regime.

In essence, I don't see how a video game maker could make the SADF the good guys.

Heck, even Larry Bond and Barrett Tillman waffled on making them the good guys and those dudes make Barry Goldwater look moderate.
Ah, I gotcha. Yes, it would be quite politically incorrect to feature the apartheid-era SADF as the heroes. EO might be a little more of a gray area, though.

Also, before the end of the Cold War, the SADF would be fighting the MPLA. UNITA received training and even close air support from the SADF before the end of the Cold War (and also the end of apartheid).
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