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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
Meh, you don't bring up politics around me often so I don't hate you.

I guess it is a no-brainer on choices, but everyone wanted change. So far the only change I've seen is those rip off pennies with Obama stickers being sold for $19.95 on TV.
I have terrible impulse control when it comes to political debates. I'm in way too many Facebook groups where I argue with people about various issues (under my real name, no less!)

As far as change goes, I'm not as worried about Obama's foreign policy stances as many of the neo-conservatives seem to be. Besides rhetoric and symbolic gestures towards his most hippy-ish/leftist supporters, I don't expect him to be all that different from Bush in the later years of his administration. It's mostly his economic policies that worry me.
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