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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
I can think of a few things I could respond to in that letter, but I'm frankly more interested in creating and editing pages on the wiki than getting involved in a potential flame war on the forums. I also don't know whether the forum administrators are likely to ban users who don't fit their political views.
I am an administrator and I started this thread.

You can ask any of the long time members here about me. I do not ban people for differing political opinions and I don't flame them. Former members who have been banned in the past are folks who do flame and go out of their way to start fights because they think it's funny.

The whole idea of the forum is for the members to share ideas, information, ask questions, get answers so on and so forth. I found the letter to be interesting. Yes there are a few points in the letter that I found myself looking at as well, but it's getting a lot of attention and it is something that I believe many of the members here would find interesting - whether they agree with it or not. It's relevant.

So feel free to express your opinion. If I didn't want any responses I would have posted it as a sticky and nobody would have an opportunity to respond. Just keep it civil.
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