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I agree with fcm personally. There's 270-odd categories as it is.. Do we really need another one for just a dozen or so movies? Granted if you eliminate specific countries and directors and what have you that might get chopped in half, even then, that's quite a lot of genres and qualities and other identifiers to catalogue a film with.. I'm sure most if not all of these silent films fit one or more of them. Hell I'm personally not sure we need a Black & White category, but at least there's a considerable number of films there (almost 500 it seems). A category for a dozen or so movies just seems superfluous. If fact I wonder if we should set a minimum film number requirement for categories and start clearing some of the more sparse ones out. Some of them - particularly with certain directors - only have something like three or four films, which again, just seems superfluous unless we're talking about a considerably well-known/renowned director who just hasn't done a lot of films with firearms in them or something.

Just my thoughts, of course. Bah.
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