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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
Well, we went with 7.5 cm rather than the European 7,5 cm, why not just go all the way with 75mm?
The way I see it is that the "7,5 cm" was actually part of the designation of the weapon so it should be included in principle in that form, however I think that we should use a period rather than a comma as this is the equivalent of converting a Cyrillic Russian designation into a Latin alphabet one. After all, in English "7.5 cm" is a sensical dimension but "7,5 cm" isn't and to most native English speakers would seem strange and most likely be perceived as a typo.

Also, with the German designations I am in favour of capitalising the K in PaK and FlaK, as this is essentially the same as what we do for other German weapons like the MKb 42(H), StG 44, StG 45(M), MP 40 and MG 42.
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